HEFAT Course in Lviv 24th June.

HEFAT course in Lviv. 24th to 26th June 2022. The Frontline Club and Frontline Freelance Register are offering the 5th free HEFAT course in Ukraine. Applications are now open. Please register and wait for your application to be approved. We have 20 places. For security reasons, we need you to upload a scan of your … Read moreHEFAT Course in Lviv 24th June.

Paul Conroy – Training course Free HEFAT

HEFAT Lviv 2022 May

The hybrid lessons of real-life scenarios, and the data written in black and white before them, are no longer separate alien beings. My description of fitting a tourniquet to my own leg in Syria in 2012 is no longer a series of unconnected words. It’s now a graphic life or death scenario imprinted on the minds of the course attendees.


Following on from a popular Frontline Freelance Register online event with photojournalist Fabio Bucciarelli at the beginning of the pandemic about how to report on Covid safely, we hosted another event with him focusing on journalist safety in Ukraine.

Fabio has recently returned from spending the first month of the war reporting for several European media outlets. He was in conversation with FFR Board Member Zoe Flood.