FFR is open to all freelance journalists who are exposed to risk while working in foreign environments and who agree to adhere to our Code of Conduct. FFR offers two types of membership, ASSOCIATE and FULL.

We can provide a press card under certain conditions.

  1. You have to become a Full member of the FFR
  2. Show proof that you are a professional reporter like a letter from the editor.
  3. Agree to the FFR Code of Conduct, and Freelance Journalist Safety Principles
  4. Show that you have done at least an in-depth First Aid course and/or a HEFAT course.
  5. That you have PPE protection at least for yourself.
  6. A fee of $90.00/yr for the card.
These are our minimum requirements for the Press Card. If you can fulfill these and we approve your application we will send you one provided you provide us with a clear passport photo.
As the FFR actively works for the safety of freelance journalists, particularly in conflict zones, it is imperative that our members act on and promote these principles.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP – is open to all freelance journalists who meet our above criteria. There is no joining fee and members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Monthly newsletters.
  • Networking and professional development events.
  • Access to safety and professional resources
  • Profile displayed on FFR’s public registry (there is an opt-out option available)
  • A platform to demonstrate your professionalism and that you champion the safety and welfare of freelance journalists.
  • Belonging to a community of international independent journalists.
  • Safety kit loans and discounts on the purchase of new kit.
  • Discount to Frontline Club membership.

FULL MEMBERSHIP – is open to all freelance journalists who meet our above criteria. However, applications are subject to a higher verification process.

 Applicants are required to have up-to-date safety training certification and professional references. Full membership incurs an annual fee of $90 (USD).

Full members enjoy the same benefits as associates, and in addition, they are also able to:

  • Order a Frontline Club Press Card. For more information on these press cards, see above or please visit the Frontline Club website
  • Request professional references from FFR for accreditation purposes
  • Obtain discounted insurance policies. (Presently on hold and subject to negotiations.)