safety workshop
Safety workshop , Lviv Media Centre, 2022.

As part of its campaign for the safety of freelance journalists and local field producers in Ukraine, the Frontline Club and Frontline Freelance Register are running a series of HEFAT course in Lviv, Ukraine.

The course is designed to be country specific and is aimed at people who will traveling to, and working in, Ukraine’s hot spots. The course will be in two sections. The first, security and hostile environment training, will be classroom based in Lviv centre and will cover all aspects of working in a hostile environment.

The hostile environment course will be run by Paul Conroy, former Sunday Times photographer and soldier, who has covered many of the world’s conflicts over the last twenty-two years.

The second two days of the course will be devoted to Combat first aid. The course is geared toward providing students with the skills to treat battlefield trauma and greatly increase their own, and their teams, chances of survival in combat emergencies.

The training will be split between classroom and battlefield simulation to provide as much realism as possible. The medic training will take place at a location outside of Lviv. Transport from Lviv and lunch on site will be provided.


The Frontline club and FFR are offering free HEFAT, theatre specific courses in Lviv this month.