Our Mission

FFR‘s core mission is to support the physical and mental well-being of international freelance journalists who are exposed to risk in their work.

FFR provides freelancers with a forum, a representative body and a critical mass to advocate for their safety, protection and welfare.  Foreign reporting is increasingly being dominated by freelance journalists, many of whom are deeply committed professionals doing outstanding work. At the same time, many of these freelancers lack the institutional support and the financial means to adequately manage the challenges of working in hostile environments. 

FFR promotes professionalism and safety awareness within the freelance journalism community.  FFR‘s Code of Conduct is central to this mission as it allows freelancers to demonstrate that they abide by responsible news gathering standards consistent with those established and recognised by the news media industry.

FFR aims to build a community of independent journalists, establishing a voice for them by working with journalist support organisations, industry figures and those with an interest in safety and security to support its members and champion safety and good professional practice.