Why does it matter?

An editor may receive swathes of pitches at a time, and, even if it feels unfair, they may not be able to take the time to give adequate attention to each pitch. As such, if you want to get your stuff noticed easily and quickly, we have collated a few simple tips and tricks to get cut through.

Key elements

You should address the following:

  • what is the story
  • how will it be reported
  • when can it be delivered?


  • Focus on the story and the knowns of the story (not what you might, or could be able to find out)
  • Indicate key sources, either by name or by describing their position. This shows that you know how you are going to report the story and demonstrates what you can deliver.
  • Provide technical details – In which format will you deliver the story. (Images: Hi-Res JPEG Landscape; Video: Ideally provide a shot list, and tell them what gear are you shooting with and how will you transfer the finished piece).
  • Give a deadline – “if interested please respond within four hours. After this point this story will be pitched elsewhere.” Even if an editor does not commission, this tag often prompts them to write to decline it.
  • To sign off your pitch, add a link to your portfolio, or give a few examples, to add credibility and show off your work.