Paul Conroy – Training course Free HEFAT

HEFAT Lviv 2022 May

The hybrid lessons of real-life scenarios, and the data written in black and white before them, are no longer separate alien beings. My description of fitting a tourniquet to my own leg in Syria in 2012 is no longer a series of unconnected words. It’s now a graphic life or death scenario imprinted on the minds of the course attendees.

Lviv – Ukraine by Paul Conroy

After last month’s epic lighting up of the Russian embassy in the colours of the Ukraine flag, the Frontline Club has set up an operation base in Lviv, Ukraine. We aim to run a series of hostile environment and battlefield first aid courses for freelance journalists covering the conflict. Lviv Train Station. Photo by Paul … Read moreLviv – Ukraine by Paul Conroy

StraightFromTheFrontline – Fundraiser Ukraine


#Straight From The Frontline Straight From The Frontline (#SFTF) is a new initiative aiming to provide urgent practical help to support freelance journalists on the frontline in Ukraine. It’s a development from the Frontline Club Freelance Registry ‘FFR’ which has experience of providing press cards and equipment, and continues to be a collective voice representing … Read moreStraightFromTheFrontline – Fundraiser Ukraine