HEFAT Courses in Ukraine.

As part of its campaign for the safety of freelance journalists and local field producers in Ukraine, the Frontline Club and Frontline Freelance Register are running a series of HEFAT course in Lviv, Ukraine.

The course is designed to be country specific and is aimed at people who will traveling to, and working in, Ukraine’s hot spots. The course will be in two sections. The first, security and hostile environment training, will be classroom based in Lviv centre and will cover all aspects of working in a hostile environment.

New FFR Board

FFR elects its board through its membership every two years.  From January 2020 and for another 2 years, Zoe Flood, Laura Battaglia al Jalal, Vaughan Smith, Pierre Alozie, Sharron Ward, Anna Lekas Miller and Ramon Campos Iriarte are now elected members of the board of the Frontline Freelance Register.