The Frontline Freelance Register (FFR) is a representative body for freelance journalists, created and run by freelancers. It is an independent, ring-fenced entity which sits within the Frontline Club Charitable Trust. The register was launched on 7 June 2013 with membership open to all freelance journalists who face significant risk while working in foreign environments, and that commit to the FFR Code of Conduct.

The FFR’s core objective is to support the physical and mental well-being of actively working, international freelance journalists who are exposed to risk in their work. In a world where staff jobs and fully paid foreign assignments are increasingly scarce, foreign and war reporting is dominated by freelancers, many of whom are deeply committed professionals doing outstanding work. At the same time, many of these freelancers lack the institutional support and the financial means to adequately manage the challenges of operating in dangerous environments in the long term. They also lack organised representation, often leaving them at the mercy of powerful media groups. FFR aims to help freelancers by providing them with a forum, a representative body and a critical mass to face some of these challenges.

The FFR aims to ensure its members observe responsible news gathering standards consistent with industry-established safety standards. FFR aims to build a community of independent journalists, establishing a voice for them by working with journalist support organisations, industry figures and those with an interest in safety and security to support its members and champion safety and professional practice.

Developed as an independent, freelancer-driven initiative, the FFR has received financial and logistical support from the Frontline Club. The elected board of representatives is comprised of Safa Al-Ahmad, Saleyha Ahsan, Joshua BakerAnna Day,  John D McHugh, Louie Palu and Vaughan Smith (Chair).


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