Ramon Campos Iriarte

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Ramon is a producer, filmmaker and photographer, with extensive experience working in the field. He specializes in documentary production, focusing on environmental and social subjects mainly in the Americas. He holds masters in Media Studies from The New School, and Politics from New York University; and has worked for international broadcasters, publications and organizations like Univision/ABC, Americas Quarterly, MSNBC, Fusion, Semana, UNHCR, Avocats Sans Frontiers, World Wildlife Fund, Bloomberg, and VICE. Ramon worked as a senior producer on HBO's docu-series "Outpost" (2015-2016), and his multimedia documentary on the Syrian refugee crisis, "The New Promised Land", was nominated for a Gabriel García Marquez Journalism Award in 2016. His short documentary "The Holdouts", about the Colombian civil war, premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.

English, Spanish, French
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