Rasmus Bogeskov Larsen

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I'm a freelancejournalist and the Middle East Correspondent for the Danish daily newspaper Politiken. Permanently based in Beirut 2009-2011 and since then in Cairo. I'm primarily focused on politics and culture in Egypt, but have also covered the uprisings in Tunisia and Libya, and have written about refugees/migration in North Africa. I'm co-founder and head of the board for the mediaorganisation Korrespondenterne that specialises in original and vibrant journalism about global issues and have the largest network of foreign correspondents in Denmark. Within the framework of Korrespondenterne I give lectures, head training courses for journalists, and produce teaching materials. I speak Arabic fluently (Egyptian and Syrian/Lebanese dialect) and have a good command of the written classical Arabic. I'm a graduate of the Danish School of Journalism (2007) and have studied Arabic at Copenhagen University as well as in Damascus, Beirut, and Cairo.

Danish, English, German, Arabic
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