Richard Perry

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Freelance cameraman/editor and occasional journalist/producer. He's been involved in broadcast TV since 1997. Currently the majority of his work is for the BBC, shooting news, documentaries and increasingly, digital content for online, including 360 VR films. He travels as a shoot/edit for various parts of the BBC including News Gathering, Newsnight, BBC Persian and BBC Arabic. He has been privileged to work all over the planet including in the last couple of years, some challenging trips to Syria, Yemen, South Sudan and Iraq. Previously he was a regular freelancer at ITN, Fox News and Aljazeera and was despatched by them to various troubled regions, notably Lebanon in 2006. He holds a Btech qualification in operating in Hostile Environments and associated first aid response, has completed the UK's Metropolitan Police Public Order course and most recently, the BBC's residential HEFAT course.

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