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Owen Kean is a Producer and Director, a two time BAFTA Children’s Award winner and RTS North Award winner, as well as RTS Award and Japan Prize nominee. His work has ranged from communicating classical music to young people, bringing Romantic poetry to life for a teenage audience and creating a new visual format for The Kermode and Mayo Show, to uncovering the gritty underside of Rio’s hip-hop scene, documenting people’s shifting opinions on Brexit and uncovering the trauma of life after the Grenfell fire. He is currently filming a feature documentary looking at how families and victims deal with the trauma of child sexual abuse and has been granted funding from a US body to profile the Pakistani city of Karachi through the unidentified corpses which are cared for by the cities only mortuary. He is based in London, but remains a Liverpudlian, despite the sliding accent.

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New Media