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Natalia Sancha is a Spanish independent photographer and journalist. Natalia Sancha has been based in Beirut, Lebanon, since 2008. She has covered since then the Arab uprisings and following conflicts in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen. She is a usual contributor for El País Spanish leading newspaper publishing photo reportages and stories from Lebanon and Syria. Likewise, she has largely covered the refugee crisis in the region. She was awarded in 2018 with the prestigious Cirilo Rodriguez award for Spanish correspondents. Her work has appeared in several Spanish outlets, as El País, Esglobal, Política Exterior, and Afkar/Ideas, as well as regional and international ones as AFP, AP, The New York Times, The Times or Jadaliyya. She has participated in the collective book ‘Siria. La primavera marchita’ and is the coauthor of the Photographic book on Syrian refugees in South Turkey: ‘Passing Through’, funded by the European Union (Istanbul, March 2016). She holds a B.A in Journalism from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, a M.A on International Relations from Sciences-Po Paris, and a M.A in Contemporary Arab Studies from Georgetown University, Washington DC where she completed her studies as a Fulbright scholar.

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