Mauricio Gris

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Mauricio Gris spent 7 years in the British Army, two and half years in the Combat Camera Team. During that time he pioneered the online film presence for the Army as well as creating one of the most viral organically produced short films the British Military have made. His team was also the first to film British Troop in Afghanistan in 3D while on tour. Upon leaving he worked for BBC Newsnight and Sky News as a producer and as a researcher on Channel 4’s Dispatches strand. He then moved over into independent filmmaking. His most well know work is the Netflix documentary Battling ISIS, where he and two other filmmakers embedded with westerns fighting the Islamic State alongside the Kurds in 2015. It was long listed for a current affairs Documentary BAFTA. He also acts as an a deployable freelance advisor and medic for the BBC High Risk Team.

English, Spanish
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