Gabriele Orlini

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Professional traveler, writer manqué, documentary photographer for an incurable soulful need. Staunch advocate of the journey as irreplaceable means of knowledge, he uses the art of the visual storytelling to depict the struggles and contradictions within the world. With the methodological precision of a photojournalist and the completeness of the narrator’s vision he devotes himself to those stories that seem to want to remain hidden. As professional freelance photographer he works with NGOs, on assignment for newspapers and journals, in many different countries; among them Cameroon, RD Congo, Tanzania, Moçambique, Angola, India, Bangladesh, Argentina, Venezuela and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Syria. When possible, he prefers to dive into stories with medium-long term projects. Teacher by vocation, he loves to make workshops to help people to recognize and develop their own narrative ability.

Italian, English, Espanol
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