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Journalism is a second career for me. I got my start in public safety and did that for 20 years before deciding to pick up camera as a working journalist. I specialize in covering breaking news and disasters especially in situations where there is heavy law enforcement / goverment presence and or interaction with firefighters, paramedics or the military, which nowadays is just about every large event and or disaster. Speaking the “language” of public safety, understand what is happening I can read the environment and anticipate the pending actions. Having this edge helps me better cover the news and ultimately stay safe. I have covered hurricanes, tropical storms, wildfires, law enforcement controversy, government, racial issues, serious crime, emergency services, politics & corruption since 2009. Chris has worked in the United States, Canada and Antarctica. I have my own cache of broadcast grade television equipment, I am also familiar with remote satellite communications and can transmit liveshots or feed video via BGAN and LiveU technology. Chris is also the Safety & Security Task Force chairperson for the National Press Photography Association, NPPA in the United States. Current freelancer for Associated Press Television News, APTN

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