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Camillo was born in Rome (1988). Only after completing his studies in political science and anthropology, he decided to devote himself entirely to photography. Nowadays, is mostly interested in personal and long-term projects and deals with documentary photography trough the combination of the anthropological approach and the photographic medium. Since 2015 he has been working on a visual project about the valley of Kashmir, India, exploring the notion and the experience of conflict, memory, religion and political aspirations. In 2017 he received one of the Alexia Foundation Student Grant to keep working on that project. His projects received several awards such as LensCulture B&W, Short Story at World Report Award, Feature Shoot Emerging Photographer, 1st prize at Fotoleggendo, 1st prize at Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards. Furthermore, his works have been published on Time, Der Spiegel, National Geographic, BuzFeed, Internazionale, Mashable, Il Reportage, Gazeta Wyborcza, Il Manifesto, Left, among others. He have been exhibited at festivals in Usa, Uk, Russia, Italy, Spain, India, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates.

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