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Rebecca Murray is a freelance journalist and researcher focused mostly on Libya, a country she has often lived and reported from since the aftermath of the 2011 revolution. She was previously based in Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan and Liberia, and has filed from Syria, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia. You can find Rebecca's articles in VICE News, McClatchy, Middle East Eye, IRIN, The Christian Science Monitor, and Inter Press Service. As a field researcher, Rebecca authored a report for Small Arms Survey called, "Southern Libya Destabilized" (April 2017), and co-wrote the report "Prisons and Detention in Libya" with Fiona Mangan for the United States Institute of Peace (2016). She contributed a chapter on southern Libya for "The Libyan Revolution and its Aftermath," published by Hurst/Oxford University Press (2015), and wrote and produced the VICE News documentary, "Libya's quiet war: the Tuareg of south Libya" (2016). Rebecca has produced training for local journalists working in complex and/or violent environments in Lebanon, Liberia, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, and is a part time communications consultant for international non-profits. Growing up in Kenya, the UK and US, Rebecca holds an MA in International Affairs from the New School University in New York City. Her previous career was in film production. Twitter: @beccamurr

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