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Nicholas Kraus

Best known for my distinctive vérité cinematography, I work with a small footprint and friendly calm, achieving an intimacy with my subjects and an evocative experience for audiences. Ultimately, I’m motivated by the visceral texture of humanity — from the subtle to the volatile — and the power of documentary storytelling to draw emotion from its daily occurrence.

I can light, run sound, and come equipped with a comprehensive gear package. I also hold an FAA drone pilot license, PADI open water & HEFAT certifications, and a degree in socio-cultural anthropology from Columbia University. More importantly, I can make fun of you in Spanish and ride a motorcycle (while shooting).

My work can be seen on HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Nat Geo, & Discovery, and I’m currently in production for two forthcoming features about prison corruption and climate refugees. I'm based in LA, and can also work locally in NYC and Nashville.

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