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antonio zambardino

Antonio Zambardino is a visual-journalist and documentary photographer

He has BA in Photography and Design taken at the Istituto Europeo di Design in 2004 in Rome.

He later studied Computer Assisted Reporting at the CIJ in London

After the studies, he worked as an image consultant with communication sociologist Nello Barile at the C:Cube magazine.

With a craving for Computer Graphics and Video, he started a career in 2004 as a free-lance in Photography and as a designer.

In 2005 he combined his photographic interest with social work joining the EVS at the Bedouin Cultural Center of Abadia in Carmel City, Israel.

He then worked as a fine-art retoucher and designer for the 10B photography studio and later at the Interno-Grigio photo lab in Rome.

In 2008 he joined the photo-agency contrasto.

He's specialized in middle-eastearn and north-american issues.

He's currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.

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