Saleyha Ahsan

I am a freelance filmmaker and journalist and an A&E doctor. Prior to medicine I was a British Army Officer but left to pursue medicine and the media after my operational tour of Bosnia with SFOR. Since then I have worked as a freelancer in Palestine, Kashmir, Pakistan, DRCongo, Libya and Syria. I seek commissions and if they don't happen, then I go anyway. I multi-task and end up doing both jobs - that of a medic and a journalist - and it works out well. I am still confusing commissioning editors - although it is now my 5th year of working like this - they do seem to like to categorise but I am one of those who cannot be labelled that easily. I am still carving out my niche. I have completed my LLM in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and am also working on the issue of the use of secret evidence within the justice system in the UK and beyond. I have an obvious key interest in health issues in hostile environments.

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