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Daniel Leal-Olivas

Daniel Leal-Olivas (b1987), is a photographer born in Alicante, Spain. He started his career in 2010 when he began documenting the work of charities and NGOs throughout South America, Africa and the Caribbean. After meeting his wife, he went to the UK in order to enhance his English skills and to develop himself professionally.
His most recent project took him to Syria where he spent several months covering the different faces of the conflict for different media corporations. His coverage for AFP was regularly featured in major newspapers around the world. He was most notably the first photojournalist on scene in the allegedTremseh massacreand his firsthand report was broadcasted by different news agencies such as Al-Jazeera English, BBC World News, Channel 4 and others.

Daniel is currently based out of London. Contributing for Corbis, I-images and AFP.

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