Achilleas Zavallis

Photographer and visual journalist specialising in news gathering and feature
stories. Spending his time between Europe and the Middle East, he has an interest
in conflict and post-conflict issues. From 2005 to 2011 he was based in Greece
documenting the economic crisis and the effect it had on the social fabric of the
country. He shifted his attention to the Middle East in 2012 to document the war in
Syria and continues to follow the story as its ramifications spread throughout the
region. In 2015 he began documenting the Balkan Migration route and in 2016 he
moved to Erbil, Iraq to document the war against ISIS, focusing on the operations
to retake Raqqa and Mosul. Currently based in Cyprus he continues to document
the circles of violence in the Middle East and the integration of refugees and
asylum seekers in Europe.
He completed two hostile environment training courses with:
RISC (combat medical training) &
TYR (HEFAT training).

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