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Mykolas Juodele

Mykolas Juodele is a photojournalist and fixer currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania. His background consists of a film and Persian language studies, and almost a decade of travel and work on the road in North Africa, Europe, The Middle East, India and South East Asia. Mykolas is an alumnus of FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) and London Middlesex University. He is a member of the Lithuanian Photographers' Association and Lithuanian Journalists' union. Mykolas has completed a VII academy masterclass “Photojournalism and Documentary Photography”. His work has been published in The Guardian, Le Monde, Stern, Liberation, La Vie, The Calvert Journal,, Nara, Chai Khana, Travel Africa Magazine, The Sun Magazine, and Royal Photographic Society Journal among others.

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