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Milli Legrain

I am a multilingual British-born independent journalist with a background in human rights, a passion for all things Hispanic and a knack for human-interest features.

I am based in Washington D.C, but as an International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) Fellow I have traveled domestically and to Latin America to report on issues related to immigration and human rights and plan to continue to do so.

For The Guardian I have reported on the risk of human trafficking faced by migrant workers from Mexico in the United States.

Prior to that I reported from El Salvador on how Barrio 18 gang members were being rehabilitated by the Evangelical Church.

Back in 2016 I reported independently on immigrant suicides from the Mexico/Guatemala border and from Mexico City about Trump’s first deportees.

From Brazil I wrote about police brutality, forced disappearances, natural disasters and evictions in the run up to the 2014 World Cup.

As the Washington correspondent for Univision’s digital site during the 2016 election campaign, I focused on voting rights, the Hispanic vote, and immigration. That year I was on the ground in the aftermath of “Pizzagate”, an armed assault motivated by anti-Democratic conspiracy theories.

Under the Trump administration, freelance journalism has become increasingly risky, particularly during the pandemic as mask-wearing has become a political statement. In November, I spent a week on the ground in Pennsylvania reporting on the US elections and protests for Telemundo News.

In addition, back in 2018, The Guardian published my investigative piece on abusive conditions in the Texas poultry industry, a state where labor laws are lax, gun laws are permissive and poultry companies are powerful. My work prompted Congresswoman Rosa De Lauro to demand an investigation.

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