War Zone Freelance Exhibition 2016

The FFR is proud to support the War Zone Freelance Exhibition 2016. 


Unlike most photo exhibitions, the War Zone Freelance Exhibition entwines the stories of freelance journalists alongside their showcased work. 


The exhibition will take a multifaceted approach to give an in-depth perspective into the lives of those affected by conflict in Syria., Iraq and Lebanon, as well as those who report it. Images and footage from the three founding journalists, will be showcased alongside the work of local fixers and local journalists they worked with. Quotes from those featured in the photography will be projected on the walls of the exhibit, alongside the display of physical items of significance to the reporters and the subjects of the reportage. 


The FFR is proud to support such a unique initiative, one that presents and interactive and immersive insight in the experience of freelance journalists, their subjects and those they work with. 


The WZF was established by four independent journalists and FFR members, Anne Alling, Osie Greenway, Benjamin Hiller and Jeffry Ruigendjik. They were motivated by the desire to pay tribute to, and provoke debate on, the crucial role freelance journalists play in bringing news to the public, particularly from dangerous war zones. This is a philosophy shared with the FFR. 


The WZF team are to embark on a six month tour to major cities in Europe and the United States. Keep checking this page and the follow the WZF on social media as venue and locations are confirmed. Following the projected success of the project, the team hope to expand beyond the Middle East and cover other major conflicts worldwide. 


The 2016 tour will be kicked off on the 28th-29th January 2016 at The Frontline Club, London.


If you have any questions or interest in regards to the exhibition, and the FFR’s support for it, please contact warzonefreelance@gmail.comor info@frontlinefreelance.org




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