The Journalist Safety Guide from SafeGuard Armour

As many of you know, Safeguard Armour have generously donated a number of flaks for our use. They have provided some information and a Journalist Safety Guide below. Please do take a read:

The Journalist Safety Guide from SafeGuard Armour

As part of our work with Frontline Freelance in providing protective equipment and industry standard information, we are pleased to be making our Journalist Safety Guide available to you all.

We have created this guide in association with leading figures in Journalism in effort to improve the safety awareness among Journalists and Reporters. However, we feel the guide will be most effective in the hands of those working on the frontlines of Journalism, and we hope we can help improve the protection and awareness of as many as possible.

The guide is not only an overview of body armor and what you should look for in your protection, but a look at Journalist safety as a whole, and it is our hope that you find ways to use it. Please feel free to repost and link to the guide in this vein, though we ask that you contact Chris Taylor when doing so to help us monitor the guide’s impact.

If you require a full PDF copy of the guide or more information on protective equipment, body armor, or personal safety, please email Chirs Taylor at Safeguard Armour, or call him on 0113 88 05 699.