Individual Safety Consultations for Freelance Journalists

Frontline Freelance Register is collaborating with the Rory Peck Trust in an exciting new initiative to provide freelance journalists with access to relevant, up-to-date and tailored safety information. Leading safety experts from organisations including 1st Option Safety, Andy Kain and Partners, AKE, TYR Solutions/Blue Mountain Group and Buzzfeed will be at London's Frontline Club in central London on Thurdsday 13th July, to provide one-to-one guidance on general safety issues, risk assessment, assignment planning, first aid and digital security.  Guidance is intended to give freelancers access to knowledge and expertise that will help them improve their safety practice.  

One-to-one Skype consultations are also available to those who cannot travel to London.

 Please note: freelancers are free to bring assignment/story plans and draft risk assessments to discuss with their allocated security advisor, but please note these consultations are not intended as safety ‘sign off’s for individual risk assessments or travel plans. Any advice given should form part of your own assignment preparation, not act as a replacement for it.

To book your safety consultation with the following safety experts, please complete this booking form 

- Steve Cooke, Blue Mountain Group 
- John Hutton, AKE Group 
- Chris Lawton, 1st Option Safety 
- Ela Stapley, Freelance Journalist, Factual MX 
- Eliot Stempf, Buzzfeed
- Joel Whittaker, A. Kain and Partners