The FFR joins the Blink Network

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Blink network. We see this as a significant step towards increasing our members’ visibility and marketability. 

See FFR's profile on Blink here, and the new membership map featured on our site here.
Blink is a real-time location platform that enables media companies to discover, connect, and organize a global network of media professionals. We have partnered with them to represent our membership and strengthen your individual presence on the platform to increase marketability.

All Frontline Freelance Register members sign a code of conduct stating they will gather news ethically and in the safest way possible. Ensuring editors are best able to access this group of active, professional freelancers is essential.

FFR on Blink: "This is an exciting time for freelancers and publishers. As the way news is gathered continues to shift, we see Blink at the forefront of the freelance news evolution and are proud to give our members the opportunity to take part in it." - Cengiz Yar, Photographer & FFR Board Member.